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Westland's newspaper


Westland introduces their new seasonal newspaper

Westland Horticulture, the company behind Jack’s Magic, Big Tom, Boost, Resolva, Peckish, Unwins and Kent & Stowe has launched The Westland Garden, a free newspaper for garden centre customers.

Bumblebee on wisteria


Dutch National Bee Count

Similar to our equivalent Big Butterfly Count, the people of the Netherlands are counting bees to help assess the health and prevalence of wild bee populations in the country.

Dr Michael Mosley


Dr Michael Mosley on the benefits of gardening

On his BBC Radio 4 podcast ‘Just One Thing’, Dr. Michael Mosley explains that gardening is not only good for physical fitness but benefits the brain, mood and gut microbiome.

2024 Geranium Hippy Flower Power


In support of the pelargonium

The Pelargonium for Europe (PfE) marketing initiative aims to improve the image of geraniums and thereby promote their sale.

Good stuff

Mycelium celebration

To celebrate Earth Month and the launch of their new Mycelium packaging, eyewear brand MONC partnered the talented Caley Brothers to create an innovative, living fungi window display.