100 Herbs To Grow: A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Culinary And Medicinal Herbs

The pioneering herb farmer, Jekka McVicar is highly respected in the horticultural trade, food industry and amongst gardeners.

Book cover 100 Herbs to grow by Jekka McVicar

Jekka is an institution. She has won an incredible sixty two RHS gold medals, the RHS Lawrence Medal, two Tudor Rose awards and the prestigious Victoria Medal of Honour (VMH). In the forty years she has been growing herbs at the Herb Farm, she has witnessed the change of climate and pests and diseases that effect herbs so she has created an up-to-date and authoritative herb handbook.

“100 Herbs To Grow” is a comprehensive gardening guide outlining how to grow herbs in the garden and in containers. The book also guides you how to grow herbs from seed, through propagation, division, cuttings, harvesting and yearly maintenance. Jekka grows over 500 different herbs at the Herb Farm and knows the specifics of all the varieties and which of those are the best to grow and/or eat. The book also includes historical knowledge and anecdotes as well as culinary and medicinal uses of the herbs. The book includes the most productive herbs – ones that are easy to grow, taste delicious and have medicinal properties.

‘If you want to grow the very best herbs, you need this book in your life. In fact, this book is way more than that, it’s packed full of Jekka’s knowledge, advice and observations from a lifetime of dedication to the wonderful world of growing. Herbs are life!’ – Nathan Outlaw

‘No one has done more to both educate and enthuse the nation in the appreciation and use of herbs as part of our gardens and kitchens as Jekka.’ – Monty Don

100 Herbs To Grow: A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Culinary And Medicinal Herbs (Quadrille Publishing) will be released on the 7th of March 2024