300 new trees at RHS Harlow Carr

Showcasing species resilient to climate change, the new arboreal additions will boost the garden’s appeal for visitors.

RHS Garden Harlow Carr.

According to an article in The Garden, the 58 acre RHS garden, located on the western edge of Harrogate in North Yorkshire is undergoing a substantial tree planting project. Around 100 trees will be planted around the Harrogate Arms and 200 in the woodland. Curator Paul Cook explained that the trees include a mix of varieties to provide seasonal interest and address environmental concerns (drought and wet weather).

The new Harlow Carr tree mix includes: cultivars of Cornus kousa and Cornus florida; magnolia as they cope well with heavy soil; Nothofagus and Eucryphia to filter pollution, elders and crabapples for culinary use of the berries and fruit in the restaurant; new Quercus cultivars to preserve the oak woodland; and catalpa in containers to provide summer shade in the courtyards.