A must follow @botanical_tales

Dried flower artist & nature loving creator of sustainable ethereal floral installations and art.

With an account boasting over 100k followers, Bex Partridge hardly needs a plug but her floral artwork is truly inspiring and will undoubtedly fuel the interest in sustainable dried flowers. Artist and author, Partridge works with dried flowers throughout their entire lifecycle life – from seed, to plant to harvest, drying and creating her art installations.

Seasonally grown, naturally dried and preserved flowers provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to fresh flowers in the winter months. Buyer beware, there are dried flowers on the market that have undergone chemical treatment such as heat treatment, bleaching, anti-mould chemical application and water soluble plastic coatings. These can be identified by residues on the treated flowers and in some cases they may emit a discernible chemical smell.

Inspired retailers, florists and/or consumers keen to purchase sustainably grown and dried flowers need look no further than local flower farmers – easily found via the Flowers From The Farm network.