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Sculptor of unique large-scale, woven works using natural materials set in landscape and interiors such as Chatsworth Somerset House, Sudeley Castle and Blackwell.

The British sculptor Laura Ellen Bacon transforms raw natural materials into architectural and natural structures that beautifully engulf objects or sit in the landscape.

In tune with nature, Laura’s outdoor sculptures are creating from nature for nature. In 2019, she created “Don’t Let Go” on the University of Warwick campus in Coventry which is an abstract form built around a tree situated along Warwick Arts Centre’s. According to Laura, the sculpture was inspired by the alarming decline of insect populations, where the work “becomes home to many insects. Seeing the tiny spiders spin their small webs within the weave and watching the beetles amble up the willow strands made me feel glad to contribute a small part to their habitat but it heightened my appreciation of the delicacy of their plight”.

Laura’s instagram provides a sneak preview into her incredible works and exhibitions.