An apple a day…

If ever there was another reason to plant more apple trees, research now shows just one apple a day will will lower the odds of developing frailty in our 60s.

Apple on apple tree

A new research study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has found that a diet containing the flavonoid quercetin is associated with lower chances of developing frailty in our old age. Frailty relates to bodies gradually losing their in-built reserves, leaving people more vulnerable to falls, disability, admission to hospital, or needing long-term care.

Apples with a red skin are a particularly good source of quercetin as they contain around 3.7–3.9mg per 100g. A medium apple is about 150g, so just one apple a day will get you very close to the 10mg of quercetin that was associated with lower odds of frailty in the US study.

A total of 1,701 over-65s took part in the study, which resulted in 13.2 per cent of participants becoming frail by the end of the 12-year project. However, each 10mg per day higher quercetin intake was associated with 35% lower odds of frailty onset.