Art Inspired by Knepp

The ‘Inspired by Knepp’ exhibition will feature artworks that celebrate and champion the rewilding movement.

Print by Lizzie Wheeler
credit: Lizzie Wheeler

The Knepp Estate is an inspirational rewilding project that’s turned a failing farm land into a profitable site of wildlife abundance in West Sussex. The incredible journey undertaken is chronicled in Wilding by the landowner and rewinding pioneer, Isabella Tree.

The project demonstrates that low-cost methods of ecological restoration can be effective, producing dramatic and profitable results for failing or abandoned farmland. Furthermore, that rewilding projects can support established nature reserves and wildlife sites by providing an expansion of habitats and wildlife that will one day connect up on a landscape scale.

For the exhibition, the twelve artists have spent considerable time exploring the estate over the past months, the inspiration of which will be featured in their artistic response to the thriving landscape.

The artists exhibiting:

  • James Ort: Ceramic & Metal Sculptor
  • Hester Berry: Landscape Oil Painter
  • Tom Shepherd: Watercolour Artist
  • Jake Spicer: Drawer
  • Marian Haf: Printmaker
  • Harriet Riddell: Freestyle Stitcher
  • Lizzie Wheeler: Printmaker
  • Mikaela Bartlett: Needlefelt Artist
  • Nosey Mungo: Ceramics Artist
  • Lisa Curtis: Painter, Printmaker, Signmaker & Mural Artist
  • Peter Ward: Environmental Artist
  • Rowena Pearce:Installation Artist

The Inspired by Knepp exhibition runs from the Knepp Estate 4-16 May and is open daily, between 10am-5pm. Entry is free and allows visitors access to the Knepp Estate grounds, Wilding Kitchen and shop.