Art under your feet: manhole cover ingenuity

Spotted on instagram, a manhole cover like you have never seen before…

Manhole cover decorated with blobs and circles

In 2004, the City of Vancouver launched a competition, ‘Art Underfoot’ competition, which culminated in an exhibition at the Roundhouse Community Centre. The competition invited anyone who lives, works, or goes to school in Vancouver to submit design ideas for new manhole covers.

The Public Art Program received more than 640 entries from Vancouverites of all walks of life and ages. An independent panel of judges reviewed the submissions and short-listed their top-30 choices. From this short-list, two winning designs were chosen.

Pictured is the design by Jan Weih, of Vancouver, Canada. Weih’s winning entry depicts cast circles and domes representing various sized bubbles coming to the surface. The other winning entry, featured the transformation of four frogs from eggs through the tadpole stage.

A clever idea, that perhaps merits adoption in the UK…?