Ballot open to visit 10 Downing Street garden

Part of the 2024 London Open Gardens, the garden at Number 10 Downing Street will be opening via a public ballot.

By Number 10 - 20th February 2013, CC BY 2.0 Commons Wikipedia

The ballot for an exclusive tour of the garden at No.10 Downing Street on Saturday 8 June 2024, is now open. Expert gardeners will be on hand to answer questions about the half acre site and its features, which include rose beds and a bronze sculpture by Barbara Hepworth.

Constructed in 1736, the garden at 10 Downing street is dominated by an open lawn with rose beds commissioned by the late Baroness Thatcher. The garden has been gradually developed over the 20th century under successive prime ministers but the simple design of largely lawn with mature trees, rose beds and flowering shrubs has remained unchanged.

Even though, the journalist Victoria Summerley once described it as one that “would not win any medals for garden design” and that the design of the garden was “not an exercise in metropolitan chic or horticultural bling”, Sir Roy Strong described it as “one of London’s hidden gems”.

London’s gardens are opening as part of London Parks and Gardens major celebration of the capital’s varied horticultural landscapes – London Open Gardens weekend. Ticket sales enable the London Parks & Gardens charity to protect London’s green heart throughout the year.

Nathan Oley, Chair, London Open Gardens, said: “This much-loved event has opened London’s secret treasures, and enabled London Parks and Gardens to protect public green spaces for over 25 years. We are thrilled that Number 10’s iconic front door will again open as a highlight of London Open Gardens,
giving everyone a unique chance to see where our leaders have found relaxation, or inspiration, for centuries. We are very grateful to the Prime Minister, his family and the No.10 team for this opportunity. The corridors of power may be closed but LPG is thrilled to give everyone a chance to gander through the rose garden of government!”

Ballot application and full terms & conditions can be found on here.