Barnsley House acquired by the PIG Hotel Group

The group’s latest acquisition is the 17th century Barnsley House hotel, tucked away in the Cotswold’s village of Barnsley, just four miles from Cirencester.

Barnsley House Hotel acquired by the PIG Hotel Group
credit: Barnsley House Hotel

Barnsley House Hotel is nestled in a historic arts and crafts style garden created by renowned garden designer, Rosemary Verey. Oozing with charm, the garden is known for its famous Laburnum Walk, yew topiary, fine stone terraces overlooked by crenellated verandah, knot garden and of course the impressive kitchen garden, inspired by Villandry.

The Pig Group currently own eight hotels in the south of England, all located in listed buildings. Alongside this new Barnsley venture, there are two other new hotels in the pipeline; the PIG-on the farm in Stratford-Upon-Avon (to open end of 2024) and the PIG-at Groombridge in Tunbridge Wells (to open summer 2025). The Barnsley House Hotel acquisition also comes with its very own village pub – a first the PIG group.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have acquired Barnsley House, it has been in my peripheral vision for many years as a possible acquisition, always thinking it would make a perfect ‘Pig’ and we are very excited to have our first pub too”, said Chairman Robin Hutson.

At its heart, The PIGs are really restaurants with rooms where everything starts with the Kitchen Garden. They grow and rear everything they can – and, what they can’t, they source locally. It’s the basis of their 25 mile menu, serving delicious, unpretentious homegrown food whilst making sure guests have the most relaxing time. Barnsley House has all the makings of a “PIG already weaved into its DNA” said the group.

Barnsley House will continue to run as is until the 4th February, after which it will undergo refurbishment by the new owners – with a view to opening the doors next summer as The PIG-and The Village Pub.