Beth Chatto’s new urban plant collections

Synonymous with the philosophy of right plant right place, Beth Chatto Plants & Gardens introduce a new plant collection for urban gardens for creating a, wildlife friendly space in urban locations.

Beth Chatto's new urban plant collection shown at the RHS Urban Show

Exhibitors at the recent inaugural, RHS Urban Show in Manchester to show, the Beth Chatto teams created a show garden to highlight the potential of a small urban space, which included a small tree, shrubs, herbaceous perennials and succulents, all grown in pots of varying materials and sizes. The plants were carefully chosen for easy care, longevity and ability to offer habitat and food for a range of wildlife.

Designed for people living in (rented accommodation) in towns and cities, with limited outside space, the collection includes plants that are suited to small spaces, pots and containers. The Urban Collection includes both shade-loving as well as sun-loving plants. “If your space doesn’t allow for plants in the ground, why not create your own container garden which can become like a beloved piece of furniture that moves with you”, advised the Beth Chatto team.

“I realise that many people love gardens but lack the time to create their own. My team and I have done the hard work for you, to enable you to create a low-maintenance, beautiful garden”, Beth Chatto.

Beth Chatto OBE was an award-winning plantswoman, author and lecturer. Her work at the Beth Chatto Gardens began in 1960, when she took an overgrown wasteland of brambles, parched gravel and boggy ditches, and transformed it into an inspirational, informational garden known the world over. Chatto used plants adapted by nature to thrive in different conditions: right plant, right place. An ethos, her legacy is now bringing to the our towns and cities.