Biochar brand, Carbon Gold announce partnership with Westland Horticulture

The new Carbon Gold & Westland Horticulture partnership will provide a range of biochar enriched compost products to conventional garden retailers for the first time.

Carbon Gold BioChar

Biochar pioneers, Carbon Gold was established in 2007, the products are Soil Association approved and the company is B-Corp certified and have been appointed The King’s Royal Warrant. Westland Horticulture is home to brands such as Jack’s Magic, Boost, Resolva, Peckish, Unwins and Kent & Stowe.

By means of the partnership, Westland will be launching a carbon neutral compost using biochar. Biochar is a catch-all term describing any organic material that has been carbonised under high temperatures (300-1000°C), in the presence of little, or no oxygen. This process, called ‘pyrolysis’ releases bio-oils plus gases and leaves a solid residue of at least 80% elemental carbon which is termed biochar. Applications of biochar include improving soil health, raising soil pH, remediating polluted soils, sequestering carbon, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and improving soil moisture.

The production of biochar is known as a carbon-negative process as well as a carbon sink because it reduces the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. When making biochar, the unstable decaying plant material is converted into a more stable form before storing it within the biochar itself. Once biochar, an organic material, is put back into the ground it can reportedly last for thousands of years.

To date, Carbon Gold products have been mainly used professionally within commercial fruit and vegetable growers, professional tree growers, sports turf such as Premier League football clubs, racing and golf courses and in urban landscaping. Through the Westland partnership, amateur gardeners will have access to enriched biochar products for use in their gardens. The new biochar enriched compost is planned for launch at the GLEE exhibition, which will be held on the 10-12th of September 2024.

Keith Nicholson, Marketing Director at Westland Horticulture said: “Enriched biochar has an important role to play in the future of sustainable gardening. Carbon Gold has developed a range of environmentally conscious products that we will bring to many gardeners going forward. This collaboration again places Westland at the forefront of consumer horticulture and displays our commitment to delivering real, sustainable gardening.”

Carbon Gold, Executive Chairman, Craig Sams, added: “We’re excited for this partnership with Westland – as a leader in the horticulture industry and a business that shares our goals, we’re confident that working together will encourage gardeners to choose a more environmentally-friendly approach, with biochar at its heart. Biochar has the potential to make a significant contribution to this CO2 removal, using the soil for carbon capture and storage. That is our mission.”