RHS The Winter Garden

A celebration of the coldest season, with photography that captures all that winter has to offer.

RHS The Winter Garden by Naomi Slade

Discover the bulbs that will bloom and the ornamental grasses that will dance in the winter breeze; create unique winter flower arrangements with cut stems and dried flowers; and learn how to design a garden with winter beauty at its heart. With tips on supporting wildlife over winter, the best cold-weather crops, and “recipes” for creating winter container displays, this essential book will make you see your winter garden in a whole new light.

On a recent instagram post, Naomi Slade wrote “My love letter to the garden in winter, RHS The Winter Garden (…) I’ve wanted to write this book for so long, to share my passion for exquisite details, fine bones and brilliant surprises. The garden is as fabulous in winter as at any other time of year, and the book is all about embracing and enjoying it!”

RHS The Winter Garden: Celebrating the Forgotten Season will be released on the 7th of September 2023.