Carly Rogers Flowers: Deconstructed Landscape

The sculptural, still-life installation by Carly Rogers at Garden Museum’s Winter Flowers Week, is one of true artistry.

Carly Rogers Flowers installation at the Garden Museum
credit: Garden Museum

Carly Rogers is a London (Camberwell) based artist who aptly combines her passion for flowers with contemporary art and fashion. Since taking a Saturday job in a flower shop in her teens to learn the basics, she’s been pushing boundaries to create her artistic installations. From large-scale themed events, to weddings and large one-off installations for prestigious venues such as Mayfair restaurant Sketch.

With a Master’s Degree from the Royal College of Art, Rogers’ eye for design goes beyond the traditional floral arrangement and tells a skilfully crafted story. Her installation for the Garden Museum Winter Flowers Week is just that.

Inspired by the age old tradition of gathering winter foliage for garlands and wreaths to decorate our homes in celebration of the festive season, Rogers has created a deconstructed and reinvented sculptural winter landscape, a ‘still life’ of mixed seasonal pines and moss that transports the visitor to an imagined natural space.

Winter Flowers Week is open from the 7th of December until the 11th (10am-5pm), with a late opening on Friday 8 December.