Chelsea Designers on creating sustainable legacy

Once upon a time, show gardens ended up in the skip but today’s no-waste show gardens must have an afterlife to benefit people & environment.

Chaired by RHS judge and designer James Alexander-Sinclair, designers Sarah Price, Cleve West and Charlotte Harris and Hugo Bugg unveiled their techniques, inspirations and approaches in creating sustainable and environmentally responsible show gardens with legacy destinations. The group discussed pioneering cement-free pathways, new & old building techniques and the selection & (re)use of (waste) materials. Furthermore, the group shared insights into the complex detail and process of rehoming the gardens to their final destinations and the impact thereof on the initial design process.

Hosted by Horatio’s Garden, the ‘Glory of the Garden’ event focussed on the charity’s work in the creation and management of beautifully designed gardens at NHS spinal injury centres. All the speakers on the panel have designed, restorative and accessible gardens for the charity: Cleve West (Horatio’s Garden South West in 2011); James Alexander-Sinclair (Horatio’s Garden Scotland in 2016) and Sarah Price (Horatio’s Garden Wales in 2022). Charlotte Harris and Hugo Bugg’s 2023 Chelsea ‘Best in Show’ garden will be relocated to Sheffield to become the eighth and latest of the charity’s gardens.