Compost: Transform waste into new life

At the heart of his No Dig system, Charles Dowding releases a new book on making your own compost.

Book cover for Compost: Transform Waste into New Life by Charles Dowding

Compost is free to make, and, with guidance, simple to perfect. Why not learn from the best? Charles Dowding is an English horticulturalist and author who has pioneered modern no dig and organic soil management in the UK since 1983

Compost is at the heart of Dowding’s transformative No Dig system of growing. Feeding the soil community with a mulch of compost is the surest way to ensure nutrients are available for your plants to flourish. In trials, Charles has found there is no more nourishing compost than homemade.

By making your own compost, not only are you recycling your garden and kitchen waste, but by feeding your soil you are also increasing its carbon-storing capacity and doing your bit to reduce greenhouse gases.

In his new book, Dowding shares his years of experience to demystify and simplify the making of compost.

Compost: Transform waste into new life (DK) will be released on the 5th of September 2024.