Deepdale joins forces with Smits Tree Nurseries

Currently in advanced talks, Smits Tree Nurseries is to take a major shareholding in Deepdale Trees to provide the market with an even stronger and more comprehensive service.

Carpinus betulus trees at Smits Tree Nursery in the Netherlands
credit:Smits Trees

Established 15 years ago, Smits Trees is a family business located near Breda in the Netherlands, with a branch in Dorney, UK. Deepdale Trees opened in Bedfordshire in 1995 and have since become one of the leading nurseries in the UK with a solid reputation on the professional market.

According to both companies by “synergistically fusing”, their collective vision, knowledge, experience and resources, they fit together “like pieces of a puzzle”. Together, the companies will look to continue on a path that encourages growth and expansion, importantly with augmented capacity for investment to modernise machinery and work processes. Mark Godden, Co-owner of Deepdale Trees, and Johan Smits explain together: “This deal just makes sense. Our product ranges fit together perfectly to give our customers, old and new, the complete package.”

The new Deepdale Trees will offer a more extensive selection of high-end green solutions for the UK market. The companies assure that from the customers perspective, not much will change. “With the retention of staff, we remain committed to our ethos of providing the highest quality of both product and service at a fair price”.