Dutch plant and flower exports to the UK decline by 8.0%

Q1-Q3 2023 plant and flower export revenue data shows an overall decline of 4% to €5.3 billion.

Dutch flower market

Figures published by the Dutch Association of Wholesalers in Floricultural Products (VGB) and analysts Floridata show continued decline in export revenues, with cut flowers decreasing by 5% to €3.2 billion and plants by 3% to €2.1 billion. Exports of flowers and plants to the Netherlands’ major export destinations, France (-9.7%), the UK (-8.0%) and Germany (-3.1%) fell significantly.

According to Matthijs Mesken, Director of the VGB the decline is down to rising cost in transport, energy and labour. Hot summer temperatures had a further negative impact on sales. As the war in Ukraine continues, market uncertainty remains. Mesken added that recent Israel-Hamas conflict, risks further uncertainty as the Netherlands actively trade in plants and flowers with Israel. According to the Wesley van de Berg (manager Floridata), over 200 growers in Israel export plants and flowers to the Netherlands, accounting for an annual turnover of €15 million.

The reasons for the drop in export sales to the UK wasn’t explained but may be an indication of the difficulties Dutch floral exporters face due to the new trade barriers with the UK, supply constraints and the cost of living crisis.