FELCO expands product line with long reach tools

Pruning tools manufacturer, FELCO have expanded their product ranges with long reach pruning solutions for professional and amateur gardeners.

Felco pole saw

The FELCO 682 Pole Saw features a lightweight aluminium pole with one extension, a 330mm curved blade and can reach a total length of 3.4 m when fully extended.

​For those who need that extra reach, the FELCO 684 Pole Saw comes with three extensions, which can extend up to 6.4m. With tip hook and a rear blade, the curved shape of the 684/3 blade has been designed to prune even the highest branches with greater control.

​The non-stick coating on the blade, and the ergonomic grip of the pole make the FELCO 290 Pole Pruner an efficient and easy to use tool. Whilst the Pole Saw can deal with the bigger cutting jobs, the Pole Pruner – made from lightweight aluminium – is useful for precision and manoeuvrability, extending up to 2.67m.

Known to professionals and discerning gardeners, FELCO has been producing Swiss precision pruning and cutting tools since 1945. Burton McCall Ltd is the UK distributor for FELCO.