Floral inspiration by Huw Morgan

A flash of floral inspiration for the bank holiday appeared on the Dig Delve yesterday which was simply too beautiful to pass us by.

Flowers by Dan Pearson and Huw Morgan

If you’re unfamiliar, the Dig Delve is online magazine about the garden of the landscape designer Dan Pearson, and his partner, Huw Morgan. A truly engaging magazine, featuring stories about their incredible, hillside garden and the surrounding landscape in the hills north of Bath, in the west of England. Beautifully photographed, the magazine and related instagram account is a definite must-read/follow for anyone interested in plants, design, books, (other) gardens, food growing, cooking and flowers….

Every so often, flowers appear on the Dig Delve instagram feed, which are not only striking, often consist of unusual and interesting varieties, but above all, they’re always beautifully and artfully displayed. Ever delicate, and seemingly paying homage to the individual beauty of each stem.

This latest arrangement was created and photographed with Morgan, who kindly shared the photo with us. His choices of colour, textures, heights and vases are masterful.

If you thought you had enough vases, think again. Morgan seems to have cunningly accumulated collections of vases, of similar size and colour, making the flowers truly sing in his arrangements.

Ebay, charity shops and auction houses here we come…