Drive through urban farms

Innovative entry Dutch Streetlife Design Competition 2023, an experimental proposal to resolve the issue of defunct petrol stations after the electric transition in 2035.

Design concept for the future of petrol stations and turn them into urban green farms

Petrol stations and their vast network play an important role in our current urban landscape. Designed to be rapidly accessibly by car, and complete network with designated distances between them. Seen throughout the country, alongside streets, on motorways, residential areas… Though, ever wondered what would happen to them all post electric transition?

Team Hao Yan, Jiakun Wen, Keren Zhang and Yang Yu considered that 4000 defunct petrol stations in the Netherlands, could still ‘fuel’ the population but now with green produce as urban farms – so called ‘drive through green stations’.

An interesting thought for an issue which though a long way off still, is on the horizon. For full details of their intriguing concept proposal, see the Streetlife Competition website.

The Streetlife Design Competition is organised by a Dutch urban furniture manufacturer Streetlife and Landezine – a Landscape Architecture Platform. Students and young professionals from the field of landscape architecture and other professions related to the design and development of open public space were invited to participate. Registrants needed to select a ‘lost site’, and develop a proposal for its redesign.