Fryd: community-centric gardening app launches in the UK

A new app aiming to redefine gardening for a new generation as a vibrant social experience and one that is accessible to all.

Gardening App Fryd

Fryd, which means joy in Danish and Norwegian, was originally launched in 2019 and has approximately 200,000 registered users to date. Popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the app is now available to download in the UK on both iOS and Android platforms.

The aim of Fryd is to make gardening accessible and enjoyable, regardless of space or experience. Through the app, gardeners have access to a community of fellow growers, with whom they can connect, share experiences and enjoy learning from each other.

The steward-owned, purpose-driven social enterprise behind the app is dedicated to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly gardening practices. According to Fryd, the purpose is rooted in empowering individuals to positively impact their environment, championing sustainability in every aspect of gardening.

The app features a bed planning tool, to enable users to create their own planting plan templates, they can research crops through the crowd-generated plant database, get advice and prompts on best sowing times for crops and ideal companion plants to grow alongside – and which to avoid.

“I like Fryd because it aligns well with my approach of minimal cultivation and rapid succession planting. It has the capacity to create plans for plots of any size, to grow vegetables through a whole year, and it’s an app that fits with no dig methods.” Charles Dowding

“I’ve been transforming a little 40-square-metre plot in London into a lush urban oasis while navigating the challenging world of gardening. At first, the torrent of advice from various online sources felt overwhelming like trying to sip water from a firehose. I switched from one gardening app to another, each providing only a portion of the knowledge I desired. Then, Fryd joined the scene, a digital companion that promises to transform your gardening journey from a battle against the elements into a harmonious dialogue with nature. Changing everything with its vast compilation of plant knowledge, timely sowing schedules, and innovative treatments for those ever-lurking pests and diseases. I suddenly had all of the answers I needed in my pocket.” Alessandro Vitale