Good news for RHS online plant sales

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has reported pre-Easter online plant sales increased by 78% compared to last year (11-17th of March).


According to the RHS, there has been a 142% increase in sales of perennial plants, a 60% rise in seed sales and an increase of over 70% in bulbs and climbing plant varieties. Shrubs, roses and outdoor pots saw a 30% increase compared to 2023, fruit plant sales were up by 64% and overall tree sales experience an impressive 700% increase.

Helena Pettit, RHS director of shows, commercial and innovation, said: “We are delighted to see that the public is poised to prioritise their gardens this Easter Bank holiday. There is no better way to enjoy fresh air than to get out and work on green spaces, big or small. The rise in sales comes as gardeners enjoy a mild spring following a wet winter, and we hope gardeners make the most of this important time on the calendar. We are also delighted shoppers are choosing to support our charitable work by shopping through RHS Plants.”

The Easter Bank holiday promises time for gardeners whom have to date been limited in their gardening activities due to the ongoing wet weather. With the extremely heavy rainfall experienced across England, garden centre sales in February, though positive proved disappointing.

Currently in midst the peak Spring Season, the reported RHS online plant sales successes may hopefully prove indicative for garden centres sales over the Easter Bank holiday.