Grow your own Tarragon Oyster Mushroom

The Caley Brothers, introduce the rare Tarragon Oyster Mushroom as grow-at-home kit, previously not commercially cultivated and believed to be the first as a ready to grow variety.

Tarragon Oyster Mushroom

A surprising entry in the recent 2024 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year Award, on account of it being a fungi and not a plant, this rare mushroom, Pleurotus euosmus is a species of edible fungus which is distinguished by its strong smell, which is very reminiscent of tarragon.

Thought to be only found in the British Isles and currently not commercially cultivated, the Tarragon Oyster mushroom with its trumpet shaped cap and large spores, is thought to be one of the finest tasting oyster mushrooms.

According to Watling & Gregory’s British fungus flora, the Tarragon Oyster mushroom is closely related to Pleurotus ostreatus., and generally considered a form or variety of P. ostreatus, but differs on account of its strong smell of tarragon. It has been reported from England and Scotland. P. euosmus behaves, in culture similarly to P. ostreatus.

Adrian Ogden from Gourmet Woodland Mushrooms, first isolated and subsequently cloned the mushroom which he found in woodlands in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. An example of the extent of Britain’s wild mushroom heritage, Ogden found it growing on a large fallen beech tree.

The Caley Bros was founded by sisters Lorraine and Jodie after discovering a passion for mushroom cultivation. Authors of Project Mushroom and highlights at the 2023 RHS Chelsea Flower Show with their Gold medal winning display and again in 2024 with Silver-guilt winning display, the Caley Brothers specialise in the provision of pre-incubated mushroom grow kits, which appeal to foodies, as well as the indoor and outdoor gardener. The kits, which now also includes the rare Tarragon Oyster Mushroom, allow for the easy growing, of the more unusual varieties, not often available in the shops.