Haws go full colour….

The world’s oldest watering can company, Haws, launch their final set of green shades as part of their 12 strong, Splash of Colour, indoor collection.

Haws watering cans for indoor

Where once, the pinnacle of watering cans were mainly available in the characteristic dark green colour, Haws have gone full colour for their indoor collection. Three new green shades in the hues of Lichen, Fern and Apple Green, join the likes of Pink Clay, Bluebell Meadow, Lotus Yellow and Misty Lilac. Names that would even peak Farrow & Ball’s interest…

The names of the ‘Splash of Colour‘ range are derived from the company’s founder John Haws, the inventor of the watering can design still produced, virtually unchanged to this day.

John Haws

Originally from Clapton in London, John Haws was by his own account quite an unsuccessful gardener but in 1884, while struggling to grow vanilla during his British colonial service in Mauritius, he set about designing his own watering can to improve his gardening fortunes.

Haws’ skills as an inventor swiftly eclipsed his horticulturalist efforts as his new watering can soon became popular with leading gardeners, winning awards and establishing our company’s reputation for high quality. Sadly he passed away before he was to receive a medal in acknowledgement from the Royal Horticultural Society medal and be invited to the first ever Chelsea Flower Show in 1913.

His nephew, Arthur Haws took on the reigns moved the factory from Clapton to Bishops Stortford, where he employed around 40 craftsmen. A stickler for quality, Haws junior was obsessed with perfecting the can and rose, and his attention to detail is accredited to have kept competition at bay and maintain Haws’ reputation as the pinnacle of watering cans.

The modern incarnation of Haws really began in 1982, when the company was bought by Eclipse Sprayers, run by father and son team, John & David Pennock. Along with John Massey, Steve Riley and Graham Blocksidge, they began the long and ultimately successful journey towards re-establishing the high quality build of Haws watering cans, and rekindling their highly respected reputation.