Hillingdon Hospital Rehabilitation Garden

Hillingdon Hospitals Charity is raising funds for a rehabilitation garden designed by Tom Stuart-Smith.

Model sketch of a proposed garden For Hillingdon Hospital

Tom Stuart-Smith is to design a garden at Hillingdon’s Alderbourne, Stroke and Daniel’s wards which provides multidisciplinary rehabilitation for patients with neurological conditions including, spinal injuries, strokes, and brain injuries.

Patients with neurological and other complex conditions will be able to benefit from the garden by being in nature, reflecting on their life-altering conditions and benefit from horticultural therapy. Research shows that an outdoor space where reflection can take place amidst nature, will help mental wellbeing and recovery.

Currently there is no outdoor space but a bleak, weed-filled courtyard that sits alongside the unit. According to the charity, the plan is for patients to have a garden where they can escape the clinical ward and sit and listen to bird song, feel the sun on their face, learn to adjust to using a wheelchair, and carry out simple gardening activities to help with their recovery.

So far the charity has managed to raise £70k, however they will need almost double this amount to begin the vital works. The charity are currently fundraising for donations to make the garden a reality.