Honda release next generation robotic mowers

Honda launches the new Miimo range of robotic lawnmowers, equipped with new developments in navigation, smartphone connectivity and sensors.

Honda's new range of robotic mowers called Miimo

The new Miimo range includes the HRM1000, HRM1500, HRM1500 Live, HRM2500, HRM2500 Live, HRM4000 Live along with the existing HRM40, HRM40 Live and HRM70 Live.

Shortcut Wire technology allows Miimo to navigate narrow passages with precision, manoeuvring through spaces as tight as 60 cm wire to wire. The elimination of the need to set up narrow passages to mowing start points results in a substantial increase in operational efficiency and speed. The elimination of wheel tracks, ensures a flawlessly manicured lawn every time.

The Miimo HRM1500 Live, HRM2500 Live, and HRM4000 Live models are equipped with Satellite Assisted Homing technology. This feature enhances operational efficiency by providing higher accuracy in navigation. Additionally, these models offer Free Zones, allowing users to set areas for Miimo to avoid mowing for defined periods for various uses, such as keeping areas free for garden activities and encouraging biodiversity.

Mobile network connectivity on the new Live models contributes to a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, allowing users to interact with their robotic mowers through a dedicated smartphone app. The Mii-monitor app offers an intuitive interface for seamless control, featuring colour-coded indicators for quick monitoring. The app allows users to activate automatic cutting height adjustment and GPS tracking for enhanced security via geofencing.

The new Smart Timer, using real-time weather data, protects Miimo and your lawn, providing push notifications and avoiding mowing in adverse conditions. Live models offer 4G/3G connectivity and voice control through the Miimo Amazon Alexa skill, elevating lawn care with smart convenience. Customers buying the non-Live models will still be able to enjoy many of the benefits of the Mii-monitor app by connecting to Miimo via Bluetooth.

The Miimo HRM1000 is designed for customers with small to medium-sized gardens, but who still want to benefit from the terrain handling and slopes of up to 25 degrees with the same cutting precision found in the larger models. The simple yet intuitive display allows easy commands like start, stop, and send Miimo home, while Bluetooth connectivity seamlessly integrates with the Mii-monitor app for comprehensive smartphone control.

The range features new quiet sensors, facilitated by the “Joystick” structure for a gentler and more refined mowing experience. The HRM4000 Live model have heavy-duty rear wheels, providing durability and preventing mud and leaf accumulation for challenging ground conditions.

The new Miimo range is now available, throughout the UK and Europe in Honda dealerships or direct via Honda e-commerce.