Hornby George PR launch

Kimberley Hornby will be flying solo with the newly launched Hornby George PR, previously known as Hornby Whitefoot PR.

Hornby George PR Logo in Black & White

According to Hornby, the complete client portfolio has followed her and team to the new business, including Glee, GIMA, the Greenfingers Charity, along with over 20 industry suppliers and manufacturers.

Hornby said: “Hornby George PR represents my past, present, and future and is a true love letter to everything I have learnt over the last 20 years within the garden retail sector. I have seen what works, what doesn’t and where we can make changes that will make a real difference. Now with Hornby George, I want to put this into practice to demonstrate the actual value of PR. I’m on a mission to prove that PR isn’t a necessary evil as so many think, but instead, it’s a valuable tool that, when aligned with a business’ short and long-term goals, can build a brand voice like no other.”

According to Hornby, she wants to make PR more accessible to a wider range of businesses – in particular for retailers that have not had the time or resources to optimise their PR fully. “We have curated a series of specialist PR packages designed to support the full comms journey required by retailers throughout the year. It’s an exciting prospect and one we hope retailers will embrace as we approach spring time”, she explained.

In December 2023, Hornby was appointed as vice-chair of the Garden Media Guild (GMG) where she will work alongside the current Co-Chairs, Alexandra Campbell and Mike Palmer.