Houseplants on Hort-Talk

Comprehensive podcast about the houseplant market, customer base, drivers & benefits, featuring Jonathan Miller from Hortihouse, Alex and Mike Opperman from Opperman Plants, and Dr. Tijana Blanusa from RHS & Reading University.

Honouring Houseplant Week (8th-14th January) which celebrates the beauty and benefits of indoor plants, this insightful episode of the Hort-Talk Podcast Series by the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) highlights the power of house plants in shaping our industry and enriching lives.

Hosted by Alex Jenkins (HTA), the panel dive deep into the thriving world of houseplants, exploring their role in the horticulture industry and the hearts of consumers. This podcast provides an interesting insight into the secrets behind the house plant craze and explains how they have become so much more than just house/office decoration.