Gardening product innovation

With an eye on sustainability, herewith a selection of interesting new product innovations and solutions spotted at the Garden Press Event (GPE) in February.

Stihl AS battery operated garden tool range
  • Germie Seed propagation tray: Simple yet well designed, reusable professional quality seed germination tray for both beginners as well as experienced gardeners. Made from 100% recycled plastic, the Germie seed trays are made in France from recycled food plastic and sourced locally to limit the carbon footprint. The unique design eliminates the need for thinning, and promotes quick and uniform growth. Young plants are easily ‘unmoulded’ without any damage to roots, and the kit is easily is easily reassembled for re-seeding. Available in 3 sizes to accommodate 13, 25 or 41 plants.
  • Stihl: The scope of STIHL’s AS System range of battery-powered tools has been extended and now includes the HSA 30 and HSA 40 hedge trimmers and the new FSA 30 grass trimmer. That means that the Stihl AS interchangeable batteries can now be used to operate the HSA 26 cordless shrub/grass shears, the GTA 26 garden pruner, the SEA 20 mini vacuum, the HSA 30 & HSA 40 hedge trimmers and the FSA 30 grass trimmer. Extension shafts are also available for the GTA 26 to prune high trees and branches, and for the HSA 26 to save on bending down when trimming lawn edges. The AS System tools are compact, light and easy to handle as they are designed for quick garden maintenance.
  • Stihl: New battery-powered KombiEngine, the Stihl KMA 80 R is compatible with all the interchangeable KombiTools (except FSB-KM), which means that those keen to upgrade from their petrol engine to battery system, can still use all the attachments from their old machine reducing waste and cost.
  • Niwaki Kenzan Flower Frogs: The frogs completely eliminate the need for floral foam in flower arranging. Floral foam not only produces toxic phenols, but can also not be composted and is only suitable for landfill disposal. These flower frogs with their brass pins are strong enough for woody material, as well as soft green and grass stems. A straightener is available to straighten any bent pins.
  • The Dipping Tank Company: An interesting alternative to the rain water butt, providing an effective method to store harvested rainwater, whilst also functioning as a raised pond or place to grow aquatic, moisture loving plants. The tanks are professionally Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welded for a quality uniform finish, they’re aluminium to prevent rust and are all powder coated for long term use. Facia are treated kiln dried timber which can be further treated with a wood preserver for added protection.
  • Hozelock: The classic knitted hose range (includes the; Select, Ultraflex, Ultramaz and Ultimate), core to the Hozelock range for over 60 years is now made from an impressive 70% recycled materials – removing more than 900 tonnes of virgin PVC from the range. The increase to 70% recycled materials has been achieved through internal construction modifications and the use of recycled PVC.
  • Stiga Smart Charging: Convenient on-board charging and on-wall storage system allows direct charging, eliminating the need to remove the batteries. Provides a nifty solution for organising and storing Stiga’s new range of 20v battery hand-held gardening tools in shed or garage. Effective storage solutions can significantly extend the lifespan of tools.
  • Finches Friend: Easy to clean bird feeders, preventing the spread of illness and disease, ensuring a safe space for wild birds. After Trichomonosis wiped out the greenfinches in his garden, the founder of Finches Friend, Dick Woods designed the easy-clean bird feeder. The feeders feature removable feed stations, making a regular cleaning easy and convenient. Water drainage shelters the feed, preventing clogging and waste. Manufactured in the UK, the feeders are made from fully recyclable materials.
  • Peat-free growing media & bark ranges: New market player, Heart of Eden from Cumbria offers ranges that are all produced from UK, sustainable and renewable sources and is guaranteed peat-free. Soil Association approved, Rocket Gro from Somerset produce peat-free, coir-free, organic approved, sustainably produced compost that are high in organic matter and 100% peat-free. The range includes various growing media, bark and manure based products. RocketGro’s compost bags contain 30% recycled material and all packaging is 100% recyclable. Melcourt continues to set the standard as the UK’s leading supplier of mulches, growing media, play surfaces, soil improvers, equestrian surfaces, biofiltration & more. High quality and 100% peat-free Melcourt compost is used by professionals and suitable for a wide range of garden applications. Dalefoot Composts are an effective, sustainable peat-free alternative compost that mixes bracken and sheep’s wool to help retain water while releasing nutrients throughout the growing season. Westland Horticulture launched their new peat free compost, Boost All Purpose Compost, Westland Boost All Purpose Compost specially to support the health of container plants. Peat free, enriched with starter feed and with our moisture lock technology.
  • Terracotta slug and snail resistant pots by Crocus: Part of the Crocus Collection, these classic shaped pots have been hand thrown with a scalloped band running around the middle to hold a belt of slug resistant material such as a ribbon of wool or copper.
  • Wool innovations by Hortiwool and Wool Pots, see Wool innovations for the horticulture industry