Inspiring Future Green Leaders programme

Earth Trust launches new programme to cultivate environmental stewardship in future generations, forging a strong connection between young minds and the natural world.

Child gardening

With the support of the Brickability Group Foundation Trust, Earth Trust is embarking on a three-year project, (September 2023 until 2026) to lead an environmental education and experience programme for children in Reading. They will collaborate closely with 15 schools (one-third of all state primary schools in Reading), with the goal of reaching five schools each year.

Studies have shown that, while concern for the environment is widespread, practical engagement with nature remains limited, particularly among children in urban areas and underserved communities.

The programme consists of on-site as well as off-site learning, where each school will have the opportunity to send a class to Earth Trust to learn about Biodiversity, Climate Culture and Feeding the World. An integral part of the project is the creation of a network among schools, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and enthusiasm. The aim is to nurture a community of schools dedicated to environmental education, that can help create the earth guardians of the future.