Kenya declares public holiday to plant trees

As part of their plans to plant 15 billion trees by 2032, a public holiday has been declared for a nationwide tree-planting day.

Kenyan landscape
Photo by Ahmed Galal on Unsplash

The interior minister of the Kenyan government, Kithure Kindiki announced the special public holiday on the 13th of November, as a “patriotic contribution to the national efforts to save our country from the devastating effects of climate change”.

According to Eden Reforestation Projects, Kenya currently has one of the lowest forest cover percentages of 8% compared to the global average of 30%. The combination of logging, charcoal burning, and illegal settlements have all contributed to the loss of forests. Across the Horn of Africa peninsula, droughts are worsening as rains have failed for five seasons in a row.

The 15 billion “National Tree Growing and Restoration” campaign requires every individual living in Kenya to plant 30 trees a year, amounting to 300 trees per person in 10 years. Across Kenya’s forty-seven counties, stakeholders, community groups, NGOs, schools, churches, farmers are being called upon to actively participate, establishing tree nurseries and plant the trees on their grounds, land and gardens.