Lawn Association calls for ban on lawn chemicals

David Hedges-Gower, Chairman of the Lawn Association has made a passionate appeal for a nationwide ban on all pesticides used in lawn maintenance.


Hedges-Gower proposes an initial restriction within the retail sector, with the ultimate aim of implementing a comprehensive ban across the entirety of the country. He raised concerns about the harmful effects of pesticides commonly sold in garden centres, arguing that they often fail to deliver on their promises and are frequently misused or overused due to their weakened potency. He further criticized the excessive reliance on herbicides within the UK’s lawn care industry, attributing this to misinformation surrounding the selection of cattle feed grass species.

Drawing attention to the natural growth patterns of grass, Hedges-Gower explained that native grasses spread horizontally, effectively filling in gaps and resisting weed intrusion. However, he lamented that the promotion of vertically growing grass species such as ryegrass since the 1990s has led to widespread failures, leaving lawns vulnerable to weed infestation.

In contrast, Hedges-Gower highlighted the success of golf courses and natural countryside landscapes, which thrive without extensive weed control measures by utilizing grass species that are well-suited to their environments.

The Lawn Association, an esteemed educational platform, aims to debunk prevalent myths surrounding lawn care while advocating for environmentally responsible practices. Hedges-Gower emphasized, “There is simply no justification for the use of pesticides in the vast majority of gardens. Implementing a nationwide ban would address numerous environmental concerns associated with their indiscriminate application.”

In conclusion, Hedges-Gower reaffirmed, “Lawns are intended to be natural and vibrant expressions of our environment. Through proper plant selection and maintenance practices, we can achieve healthy, pesticide-free lawns throughout the UK.”

The Lawn Association is a leading educational platform dedicated to promoting sustainable lawn care practices and dispelling common misconceptions within the industry. Through advocacy and education, the association seeks to foster environmental stewardship among lawn enthusiasts across the United Kingdom