Michael Yates: New CEO Chelsea Group of Companies

The new CEO will head the Chelsea Group which includes brands such as Mr Fothergill’s Seeds Limited, Darlac, Woolmans, DT Brown and Johnsons.

Michael-Yates the new CEO of the Chelsea-Group-of-Companies

“I’m fortunate to have the chance to lead a dedicated and experienced team that has built some of the most trusted brands in the horticulture industry”, said the new CEO.

Yates brings 25 years of experience in consumer facing businesses from working at Procter & Gamble and Ceuta Group in Europe, Asia, and Africa. According to Yates he has a strong understanding of what’s needed for a brand to win in today’s dynamic but complex global marketplace.

Founded in 1978, Mr Fothergill’s Seeds Limited has been wholly owned by the family of funds within Harwood Capital Management Ltd (Harwood) since August 2023. Over the years, Mr Fothergill’s Seeds Limited has developed into a known industry brand, strengthened by the acquisition of iconic seed and bulb brands, such as DT Brown, Johnsons and Woolmans. The company has a now a worldwide reach through over 5,000 outlets, including both national and independent retailers, as well as direct-to-consumer platforms and e-commerce sites.

“Our mission at Mr Fothergill’s Seeds Limited is to bring the joy of gardening to both experienced and novice gardeners through our extensive and trusted range of fruit, vegetable and flower seeds/bulbs which are complemented by a broad range of hand tools and ancillary products”, add Yates.