Miscanthus sinensis ‘Boucle’

Bred in Poland, the new miscanthus has unique, crimped inflorescences of intense crimson colour.


Developed by Artur Maj of Daglezjaryki nursery in Poland, the new Miscanthus reaches about 1.2-1.5m in height, has arching dark green foliage with slender, bright white central stripe and purple tips to the leaves. With its curly, ‘bouffant’ flowering plume, this grass takes to its name as Bouclé is French for curly.

On his website, Maj said “‘Boucle’ is characterised by unique inflorescences which, in the first phase of flowering, take a strongly crimped, compact form. The flower heads then open and take on a ruffled, twisted shape in an intense purple, turning silver in late autumn. The rich colouring is enhanced by cool weather.”

Miscanthus ‘Boucle’ is available from Hayloft Plants, Farmer Gracy and other mail order suppliers, as well as garden centres.