The Gardening Book

The nation’s favourite gardener promises a fresh approach to gardening in his new book for the novice gardener.

The Gardening Book by Monty Don
The Gardening Book by Monty Don

According to the good man’s own instagram posts, the new book is “Aimed specifically at those people that don’t know much about gardening but know how they like to live and would like to include a garden and plants into their own chosen lifestyle”.

If you are new to gardening, it can seem daunting – with Latin names, various soil types and seasonal requirements, Monty’s new book can help guide you to discover just how joyful and rewarding gardening can be. Whether you want to grow vegetables, create a child-friendly garden, connect with nature, or make the most of houseplants, Monty will help you unlock your space’s potential, showing you what, where and when to plant. 

Monty’s new Gardening Book gives you the basics to grow over 100 popular flowers, foods, shrubs, houseplants and more – each one has a clear, concise, format: what you need, timing, method, and step-by-step photos, all on one spread.

The Gardening Book (BBC Books) will be released on the 26th of October.