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Textile artist, Alexandra Kehayoglou is known for her unique large-scale carpets and tapestries of natural landscapes inspired by her native Argentina.

Kehayoglou crafts unique carpets and tapestries that reflect natural landscapes which address the topic of climate change. In her studio in Buenos Aires, she makes her unique works of art from discarded thread from her family’s carpet factory. She weaves the material with a hand-tuft technique using a machine which the artist manipulates upon vertical frames, inserting stitch by stitch. The production process is arduous and long, requiring much physical effort and a very precise technique.

Her unique works of art reflect natural subjects from the landscape of Argenta’s forests, desert islands, Patagonian glaciers, and grasslands (pastizales).

Kehayoglou has collaborated with Hermes, Dries Van Noten and she has exhibited all over the world including at the Onassis Foundation in New York, The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Textile Museum in Varese, Italy.