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Naturalist, landscape architect, urban botanist and author from Zurich, Jonas Frei shares his love of botany through his incredibly, detailed photography.

Jonas Frei instagram

Author of three books, which include ‘Die Walnuss: Arten, Botanik, Geschichte, Kultur’ and ‘Die Haselnuss: Arten, Botanik, Geschichte, Kultur’ – which unfortunately are only available in German, the Zurich based ecologist Jonas Frei illustrates and photographs all manner of botanical beauties, from seeds, nuts to shells, in his books and on instagram.

As a scientist, Frei meticulously presents the humble seed pod, bean, nut or maize kernel, in a truly artful manner, offering new ways of observing and understanding the beauty of the world around us.

Frei has an extensive seed reference collection of over 1000 plant species, all fastidiously stored and digitally recorded with information on species, collection date, place of origin and much more. Some of which, feature on his mesmerising instagram account.

Hence, @j.d.frei is a must follow in our book. Happy browsing.

ps. A note for his publishers AT Verlag, please do issue his books in English. Pretty sure there are plenty of punters on this side of the channel keen to know more about the culture, history and tradition of the hazel- and walnut….