Mylands x Jinny Blom

Inspired by the landscape, Jinny Blom has designed a collection of twelve paint colours for outside and inside for Mylands.

credit: ©Britt Willoughby Dyer

New for March 2024, Mylands, the luxury British paint and wood polish manufacturer, will launch an exclusive collection of colours created in collaboration with leading British landscape gardener Jinny Blom.

Inspired by the landscape, the collection was designed by Blom to enrich outdoor and garden spaces with subtle touches of colour; Mylands was the perfect partner thanks to its commitment to crafting quality paints and expertise in colour. The collection will be available in an Exterior Masonry paint, perfectly suited for outdoor elements, Plant-Based Multi Surface finish for accenting metals, wood and tiles to accompany a new look, the new Olive Stone emulsion with a dead matt finish and Mylands’ signature Marble Matt Emulsion, made using fine ground marble for a natural but hard- wearing finish.

“Colour is a particular love of mine and I’d long wanted to create my own palette, as there are certain tones I need again and again to support my landscape designs. Mylands has an exceptional understanding of colour as a mood-altering background, so in that we share a common language. The paint quality is second to none. External paint has to work hard with the elements and Mylands has conquered that issue. Working with the colour team, where I got to see my swatches mixed by hand and coming to life was a great experience. Together we have created a collection that I am hugely proud of and delighted to now be using in my work”, explains Jinny Blom.

The collection features 12 tones, inspired by Blom’s own experience of the outdoors, her bond with nature and her unique talent to landscape gardens with a natural feel. The palette colours are predominantly quiet hues with one standout shade, a red – reminiscent of Blom’s time living in Denmark and a fondness for both the red roofs and painted walls of traditional farmhouses.

Dominic Myland, CEO, comments: “We are thrilled to be launching this palette of nature-inspired shades with Jinny Blom. This collection highlights Jinny’s incredible garden design skills and understanding of landscape into colours. Having worked so closely with our team of experts, we are excited to bring this collaboration to life, and know it will inspire our customers to bring more colour into their gardens as well as their homes.”

Blom conceived the collection as a set of light shades, mid tones and dark shades, cantered around a strong standalone colour, Blomster No. JB01. Bolster is a rich mineral red inspired by the red roofs and painted walls of Scandinavian farmhouses.

Light shades

Designed to be subtle alternative to pure white, allowing for a softer illumination in strong natural light.

  • Grail No. JB02: A spitty gritty pale grey which offers great uplift to plants and gardens and is the perfect foil colour to stronger hues and often used as a background in place of white.
  • Rain No. JB03: Delicate blue green, which amplifies the colours of nature and works as another alternative to white on an external vertical surface.
  • Sargasso No. JB04: A liminal soft grey with a subtle ultraviolet warmth and is a useful background colour for walls, doors, outbuildings and window frames.
  • Cooper’s Earth No. JB05: A chalky pinky brown, indispensable colour that can be used throughout a garden, and good substitute for white as it blends with surrounding natural colours.
  • Sprig No. JB06: The freshest of greens, which works as an alternative to white to brighten up dark corners and is a good colour for garden furniture.

Mid tones

Developed for garden buildings and building façades, creating harmony with their natural surroundings.

  • Riverine No. JB07: A colour of shifting tones of livid bluish grey which melds well with the natural colours of plants, lifting them to a new intensity.
  • Equinox No. JB08: Warm toned, dead flat grey that links dark and light colour great for outbuildings, woodwork and incidental ironwork.
  • Haar No. JB09: Moody atmospheric colour, works well against granite buildings or flint, or blue end bricks, warming and toning them. A valuable colour for stuccoed walls, garden accents and backgrounds.

Dark shades

The darker shades were created with ironwork in mind, embellishing traditional railings and gates with a tone that complements their design.

  • Cragside No. JB010: Deep peaty, soft brown green colour, welcome on buildings and follies, glasshouses, planters, furniture, estate railings and all woodwork. An excellent estate colour and works beautifully with Cooper’s Earth No. JB05.
  • Murmuration No. JB011: Deep, rich midnight blue essential in this colour lexicon we use. An excellent estate colour for gates, doors and accents on outbuildings.
  • Woodnight No. JB012: A good black to paint hinges, strapwork, downpipes and handles. A warm black with an undertow of deepest brown that glows kindly in strong light outside.

The new Mylands x Jinny Blom paint collection will be available from the end of March 2024.