New lengths for the Stihl GTA 26

An extension for the GTA 26 pruner has been launched, converting it into a pole pruner for cutting small branches in high work areas.


The pole has a fixed length of 1.5 meters, providing plenty of length for pruning fruit trees and high branches in your garden, and weighs just 2.7 kilograms. The extension shaft also has a soft grip handle, a branch hook for removing twigs from the canopy and a bend in the shaft for reduced tipping during use. Full product details.

The Stihl GTA 26 is classed as a garden pruner for trees and shrubs, but it is closely related to the company’s chainsaw range as it uses using a saw chain for cutting, with a 10cm-long guide bar and a 1/4in chain gauge. The GTA26 is however not a chainsaw and is safe and easy-to-hold tool for gardeners.