RHS endorsed Burgon & Ball planting tools

Burgon & Ball introduces six new planting tools joining its flagship RHS-endorsed range of stainless steel gardening tools.

Burgon and Ball RHS-endorsed trowels
credit: Burgon&Ball

The new RHS-endorsed stainless steel additions have been designed by Burgon & Ball to inspire gardeners to make planting easier and even more enjoyable.

Three new trowels, short-handled perennial spade, and small digging spade and fork have been specially developed to make planting tasks easier. Planting continues to be the top-selling category of stainless steel tools, with trowels and spades leading the way. All the new additions carry a lifetime guarantee.

The Groundbreaker trowel (RRP £13.99) builds on the huge success of Burgon & Ball’s award-winning* Groundbreaker spade. The distinctive shape echoes the design of the Groundbreaker, with a pointed, sharpened head to slice easily through the most challenging ground. A retrofit display option allows retailers to add this trowel to existing Groundbreaker stands, maximising sales from the existing FSDU footprint.

The new short-handled perennial spade (RRP £22.99) combines the distinctive head shape of the hugely popular perennial spade, but in response to consumer feedback it features a shorter handle. The short handle offers great control, giving greater precision and enhanced digging power to gardeners who like to get up close to their plants. It’s ideal for digging while kneeling.

The new planting trowel (£12.99) has a short, wide head with pointed, sharpened tip to slice easily through ground. The ergonomic design make the trowel a delight to use: the head is in line with the handle rather than angled, making digging easier. This versatile trowel is useful for shallower digging and scooping when planting bulbs, bedding or plug plants, and is ideal for container gardening.

The new weeding trowel (RRP £15.99) is an effective weeding tool, this trowel re-imagines the existing RHS-endorsed container knife, but with a sleek mirror-polished stainless steel finish to make it sharper, smoother – and altogether more covetable. There’s a choice of serrated or straight blades to cut roots, and a notch for tackling long tap roots. The trowel is also perfect for planting, with a slender shape that’s ideal for digging in dense planting, and a handy depth gauge for planting bulbs.

Finally, the small-but-mighty small digging spade and fork (RRP £32.99 each) which is perfect for gardeners who prefer a smaller or lighter spade and fork. These tools are ideal for digging in tightly-planted beds and borders. Made to the same specification as their larger cousins, the small digging spade and fork feature double riveted ‘Y’ handles in FSC hardwood, with strapped socket in double gauge steel for strength. This small spade and fork are covered by a lifetime guarantee.