New “super” apple of the future

Andreas Peil, Group Leader Pome Fruit Breeding at the Julius Kühn Institute (JKI), has bred the new PIA41 in Dresden, Germany.

PIA41 Apple
credit:Herbert Knuppen

PIA41 has all the makings of good apple in flavour and texture, but more importantly it has qualities that sets it apart as an “apple of the future”.

According to the JKI, this is a (apple scab) fungus-resistant variety which makes it possible to save on pesticides in apple cultivation. The apple is green which, even though Peil acknowledges may be associated with being unripe, means it requires less light to develop. Tree leaf stripping to ensure more sunlight can reach the ripening fruit is therefore no longer needed. Furthermore, where protective netting is used to shelter trees from hail for example, won’t inhibit light for the trees, as it would for red apples.

Peil also confirmed that PIA41 can be stored for a long time, and remains fresh when on display.

The new variety registration has been approved and JKI has granted Herbert Knuppen the exclusive right to produce the fruit trees and distribute them within the EU and Switzerland.