Peckish Wildbird habitat seed

New campaign by wild bird food brand, Peckish to inspire the public to make gardens a haven for birds by growing them a home.

Blue tit bird

From Easter, Peckish will be encouraging consumers to visit their local garden centres from Easter to collect their free packet of Peckish Wild Bird Habitat Wildflower Seeds on purchase of Peckish wild bird food. The seeds are a mix of wildflowers selected to provide nutrients and nesting material for birds. The free seeds can be directly sown into gardens throughout April and May, which will bloom into wildflower displays from June to August.

The campaign supported with a range of Peckish in-store displays, point-of-sale material and social media activations. The seed packets feature popular wildflower seeds such as sunflowers, teasels, cornflowers, corncockles, cosmos, nigellas, marigolds, and crown daisies. Each seed has been handpicked for its benefit to nature, for example, sunflowers will help gardeners attract a wide variety of wild birds to feast on their large, nutrient-rich seeds, whilst providing a bright and cheerful flower. Teasel seeds grow into tiny purple blooms during summer and are best known for their prickly stems and seed heads that are irresistible to finches. Many of these wildflowers are also loved by beneficial pollinators including bees, butterflies, and insects, providing them with the perfect habitat to thrive.

Rachael McWilliam, Head of Brand & Category, for Peckish, commented: “Peckish is committed to looking after nature, and we want to go one step further this summer and inspire gardeners to not just feed wild birds, but to grow them a home too. We will be driving customers into garden centres over the coming months to pick up their free wildflower seeds with each purchase of a pack of our wild bird food. We’ve handpicked the seeds in our wildflower mix to offer birds natural nutrients and nesting materials and embrace the current trend of consumers choosing to rewild their gardens to support nature. We hope garden centres are as excited about this campaign as we are and join us in encouraging gardeners to grow a home for wild birds.”