Planters made from tyres

Decorative garden products made from recycled rubber tyres, keeping this common waste material out of landfill.

Tree in a Primeur rubber flowerpot on wall background

Yorkshire based, family firm Primeur have launched a new range of recycled planters for their garden retail clients. The innovative use of rubber tyres, by means of rubber crumb in the manufacturing process makes the planters a viable option for the environmentally-conscious retailer and gardener looking for sustainable choices.

Primeur Managing Director, Jenny Douthwaite said of the new product lineup: “With both container gardening and environmental awareness increasing every season, sustainability is imperative for Primeur, and the new container shapes have been designed to introduce both style and greener solutions into the garden. Retailers can look forward to sales inspired by new natural colours and recycled materials with Primeur, whilst gardeners will enjoy the new designs that convey a sense of naturalness and inspire others to take similar steps in the garden to make our planet a better place.”

Primeur’s products are supported by point-of-sale displays for retailers to showcase the recycled rubber’s benefits to consumers.