Plantlife calls for councils to register for ‘No Mow May’

The annual campaign #NoMowMay calls on green space managers to make a meaningful change for nature.

Road verge with wild flowers
credit: Joss Barratt Plantlife

According to the charity Plantlife, No Mow May is a chance to reimagine how we see road verges and other green spaces, providing a space for native wildflowers and wildlife.

By registering with the charity, local authorities are provided with dedicated best practice guidance, case studies and resources (signs, posters, and infographics) to communicate with their communities.

The results from the registrations help Plantlife to evaluate No Mow May and their guidance for local authorities.

Plantlife is the global charity working to secure a world rich in wild plants and fungi. Founded in 1989, Plantlife has 15,000 members and supporters.

Wild plants and fungi are the foundation of all life on Earth. Plantlife works to enhance, restore, protect and celebrate our natural heritage through working with landowners, other conservation organisations, public and private bodies and the wider public. The charity owns 23 nature reserves covering nearly 4,500 acres across England, Scotland and Wales.