Project Mushroom

Written by Lorraine and Jodie Caley of the Caley Brothers, Project Mushroom is a practical and beautiful guide to growing, displaying, cooking and identifying edible mushrooms.

Book cover Project Mushroom: A modern guide to growing fungi by Lorraine & Josie Caley

Created in collaboration with Kew Gardens, with an extensive introduction and directory of mushrooms, this book is a must-have for any modern mushroom lover. Mushrooms are good for us and for the environment: they are a sustainable, easy-to-grow food source and full of nutritional goodness.

With their incredible, award-winning display at the 2023 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, mushroom experts, Lorraine and Jodie Caley of Caley Bros proved that mushrooms can also be attractive and useful additions to our homes and gardens – whether displayed in ceramic vases, on macrame or even used to make ink, paper or seed pots.

This guide takes out the technical jargon, provides fascinating inspiration into the world of fungi and crucially, demonstrates that mushroom growing doesn’t have to be scary. The book provides simple, easy-to-follow projects and techniques for growing all types of mushroom at home. Discover striking ways to display and use mushrooms in the home: make sustainable hanging decorations or display in a ceramic vase. Learn how to garden with mushrooms: make a mushroom bed or display varieties in seasonal containers. Experiment with easy recipes for adding mushrooms to the store cupboard, including a Vitamin D boost, mushroom tincture and dried mushroom powder.

The Caley Bros was founded by sisters Lorraine and Jodie after discovering a passion for mushroom cultivation. After selling their mushroom-growing kits at farmers markets they were discovered by Arit Anderson and invited to contribute to Planet Studio, the gold-winning houseplant studio at RHS Chelsea 2022. They returned to the show in 2023 with their own exhibit and they won the new design award for their display. Caley Bros are currently working with Kew to install the first ever mushroom bed in their kitchen garden. Kew Royal Botanic Gardens has built a global resource for medicinal plant names that enables health professionals and researchers to access information about plants and plant products relevant to pharmacological research, health regulation, traditional medicine and functional foods.

Project Mushroom: A Modern Guide to Growing Fungi (Frances Lincoln) by Lorraine Mary Caley and Jodie Anne Bryan will be released on the 2nd of May 2024.