Rewilding the mind

Beth Chatto Gardens announced that the full 2022 Symposium is now available to watch on their YouTube channel.

Beth Chatto Symposium poster for 2022

The “Rewilding the Mind” Symposium brought together leading horticulturists, garden designers, conservationists, landscape architects, developers, planners, academia & local authority interdisciplinary teams, to discuss the meaning, purpose and best practice of ecological and sustainable planting for the 21st century.

Presentations and discussions at the event explored ideas such as sonic rewilding, the ethos of rewilding, nature beneficial horticulture in urban and rural settings, ecological restoration, biodiversity net gain, afforestation, sustainable design and educational value of therapeutic projects.

The symposium speakers included; Arit Anderson, Adam Hunt, Prof Alastair Driver, Dan Pearson, Prof Dave Goulson, Errol Reuben Fernandes, Fergus Garrett, Dr Gemma Jerome, Giacomo Guzzon, Henrik Sjöman, Jo McKerr, John Little, Dr Mike Edwards, Sarah Price, Sid Hill, Dr Sue Stuart-Smith, Tom Stuart-Smith, Ton Muller and Dr Wei Yang.

By making the presentations and panel discussions available to the public, the team at Beth Chatto Gardens explained that “We hope that by making these recordings accessible to all, we can inspire and ensure these important conversations are open to everyone”.