RHS Chelsea: 2024 Great Pavilion Awards

Fifty gold medals awarded in the Great Pavilion for the 2024 RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

The Cape Flora Exhibit at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show wfeaturing protea flowers, designed by Leon Kluge
Cape Flora exhibit by Leon Kluge

The Great Pavilion is the heart of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The great wealth talent, dedication and love of plants on show in the Great Pavilion at the RHS Chelsea Flower, will leave visitors in no doubt that they find themselves amongst some of the world’s greatest nurserymen and women.

The Great Pavilion is unique in that visitors can see their favourite plant species in fully glory and admire any new varieties, but even more importantly the exhibits are a means to educate all on the immense diversity of plants that grow in this country and around the world.

For 2024, over 60% were awarded with the coveted Gold Medal. The full list of all the medals awarded for this years exhibits in the Great Pavilion can be found here.

Irrespective of their awarded medals, these are some of our highlights from the Great Pavilion at the 2024 RHS Chelsea Flower Show:

  • Kevock Garden Plants: Incredibly delicate display of alpine, woodland and stream-side plants.
  • The Botanic Nursery: The most extensive and impressive collection of digitalis you are ever likely to admire.
  • Caley Brothers: Range of beautiful edible and medicinal mushrooms displayed as pieces of art.
  • The Plant Fairs Roadshow collective of specialist nurseries (Daisy RootsPelham Plants, PlantbaseSwallowfields NurseryMiles Japanese MaplesSpecial Plants and The No Name Nursery: beautiful collective display of hardy & half hardy tender, perennials, maples and grasses from around the world.
  • Burnoose Nurseries: Impressively large exhibit of beautifully planted shrubs, trees and perennials
  • New Forest Hostas: Superb display of a vast array and ferns and hostas
  • Leon Kluge Garden Design: Mesmerising Cape Flora of South Africa display featuring a vast array of protea
  • Rootfull: ingenious textile created by guiding plant roots to ‘weave’ artefacts and surfaces – innovative display that fuses sustainability, creativity, and natural artistry by bio-designer, Zena Holloway.