Sarah Raven: New pond plants range

Expert gardener and author Sarah Raven launches a new pond plants range.

Cardamine pratensis
Cardamine pratensis. Credit: Sarah Raven

Passionate about increasing biodiversity and wildlife in gardens, Sarah Raven says that introducing water and pond plants is a practical, natural and homely method of encouraging biodiversity.

Pond plants can be a habitat and shelter for wildlife, above and below the water. The new range, which includes marginals, floating and deep water plants create perching and resting places for insects like dragons and damselflies. Plants such as waterlilies also provide surface shade and a platform for creatures to get in and out of the water. Adding pond plants is a great way to maintain water features, offering essential oxygenation and absorbing excess nutrients to keep water clear, preventing unwanted algae.

Raven says: “Nothing beats a pond for making a garden nature-friendly. Each plant has an important purpose, from marginal pond plants that provide essential structure, to bog and moist ground plants that thrive in even the dampest of ground. Fit one in wherever you can, however small, and the bugs, bees, birds and all sorts of small mammals will be grateful”.

The new range is available from