Scottish Woodlands appoints peatland project manager

Scottish Woodlands Ltd (SWL) has appointed Dr Erin Stoll as its first Peatland Project Manager, reflecting the growing significance of peatland restoration in the future of the rural environment.

Moorfoot Hills in Scotland
credit: Scottish Woodlands

Dr Erin Stoll has previously worked as a planning forester and peatland specialist, responsible for forest planning, grant applications, and peatland restoration initiatives. She has a PhD in Environmental Science from the University of Stirling, where her research focused on soil carbon and nutrient storage, as well as an MSc in Conservation and Resource Management from the University of Liverpool.

Scottish Woodlands Ltd provides a comprehensive range of forest, estate and land-related services. SWL assists landowners looking to restore peatland for habitat restoration, biodiversity enhancement, improvements in water quality and generating carbon credits. The company worked on a pioneering project to restore a large areas of peatland in the Cairngorms National Park and the Moorfoot Hills in Scotland.

Emma Kerr, Head of Carbon at SWL, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Erin on board, in what is a very significant appointment for the company. Her appointment as Peatland Project Manager is the first in this growing sector by a mainstream forestry business. Erin’s work will complement Scottish Woodlands’ current forestry management and carbon services and deliver peatland restoration projects for a wide range of clients with a carbon and environmental objectives.”

She added: “We realised there was a growing need for an in-house peatland specialist to design and manage a wide range of large and smaller restoration projects, and Erin is an ideal fit for the role. She has an excellent blend of academic achievements and hands-on experience in environmental science, land management, and peatland ecology.”